Possum Removal

Possum removal is one of the most commonly requested services we offer. Our service always includes our "no catch, no pay" guarantee. We never ask for any money up front when removing these pesky critters.

See below for more information on the physical description and behavioral traits of possums. If you think you have one or more of these little guys living at your residence or business's grounds, contact us for your FREE possum removal quote today! We are trusted throughout the Greater Tulsa area and the rest of Oklahoma as the go-to professionals for possum removal.

Opossums (Possums)

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Opossum (Possum) Removal --- Around Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma, Johnson Wildlife can professionally and safely remove opossums (possums) from your property. Contact us for a free quote!
Diet: Opossums generally eat fruit, grains and insects, but will also eat out of compost piles, garbage cans and pet food dishes if they can get access.

Habitat: Opossums prefer environments near streams or swamps, but can live in diverse areas, ranging from arid to moist, wooded to open fields. They take shelter in burrows of other animals, tree cavities and brush piles.

Reproduction: Opossums usually have two to three litters per year, with an average of seven young in each litter. Like other marsupials, the young spend their first several weeks of life in their mother's pouch.

Threats: Opossums sometimes den in attics and garages where they may make a messy nest. They can also destroy poultry, game birds and their nests. When startled, opossums can bare their sharp teeth and hiss, and in rare cases may bite if they feel threatened.