Mole Removal

Mole removal is one of the most commonly requested services we offer.

See below for more information on the physical description and behavioral traits of these animals. If you think you have one or more of these little guys living in your yard or on your business's grounds, contact us for your FREE mole removal quote today! We are trusted throughout the Greater Tulsa area and the rest of Oklahoma as the go-to professionals for mole removal.

Eastern Mole

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Mole Removal --- Around Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma, Johnson Wildlife can professionally and safely remove moles from your property. Contact us for a free quote!
Scientific Name: Scalopus aquaticus (Linnaeus)

Description: Eastern moles are related to shrews, and of the four kinds of insectivores in Oklahoma, they are best adapted to underground life. Eastern moles are distinguished from other Oklahoma mammals by: 1) rudimentary eyes partially covered with skin, 2) no pinnae or external ears, 3) a short stubby tail that is used as a lever and is sensitive to touch, 4) a naked cone-shaped muzzle for probing soil for food, 5) front legs and feet that are highly adapted for burrowing in soil (they extend laterally from the stocky body like two paddles with the palms facing toward the rear), 6) palms that are about as wide as long, 7) each toe equipped with an unusually large claw, 8) relatively small hind feet, and 9) lax, short, silky silvery-gray to grayish brown hair which permits movement in any direction in the animal's tunnel. The skeletal structure of the forelimb is adapted for attachment of large muscles to provide powerful leverage for digging. An adult mole can tunnel 25 feet a day. Also, adult moles will eat 2/3 of their body weight in invertebrates per day. Males are slightly larger than females.

Reproduction: Moles are solitary except during the breeding season in early spring. After a gestation period of approximately 40 days, two to five (usually four) naked, blind young are born in March or April. The nest is placed in well drained soils and constructed of grasses, leaves, and other plant fibers. It is frequently situated under objects that give overhead protection such as stumps or rocks. In 22 days the eyes open and in one month the young leave the nest, but remain with the mother for a short period. They are sexually mature at ten months.

Nuisance/Damage: Moles can be detrimental to your yard. Johnson Wildlife strictly traps these pesky critters with below ground traps that over the years have proven to be very, very safe around kids and pets. There are no harmful chemicals associated with our services. Here at Johnson Wildlife, we are confident  that you will be pleased with our services!