Exclusion and Restoration

Exclusion and Restoration are very common services we offer. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for removing the nuisance animal, performing exclusion work to prevent any animals from entering in the future, and restoring your home or business to the way it was prior to the problem.

All work performed by Johnson Wildlife comes with a one-year written warranty. So contact us for your FREE exclusion & restoration quote today! We are trusted throughout the Greater Tulsa area and the rest of Oklahoma as the go-to professionals for nuisance animal exclusion and repair work.

Nuisance Animal Exclusion and Repairing Damage

Nuisance Animal Exclusion and Repairing Damage

Due to the damage wild animals can cause to your home or place of business, exclusions and restoration work have become very important parts of what we do.

Exclusions are very important because it does no good to just remove the animal and not fix the entry point. If the entry point is not fixed more animals will eventually move in.

We also repair and restore your home to what it was prior to the problem. We do it all, from removing damaged insulation to blowing new insulation in. There are many steps we take during these stages that set us apart from the competition. All work comes with a one-year written warranty.